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Peter Chassikos began his training in the Kung-Fu kickboxing arts in 1986. He researched several different styles of fighting until he discovered Jeet Kune Do was available in Canada and began his tutelage under Makoto Kabayama.

While training extensively in JKD, Peter continued his kickboxing training. Peter has also had the pleasure of training with some of JKD's leading authorities and gurus such as Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell, as well as with Paul Vunak, Salem Assli, Eric Paulson and Philip Gelinas.

Peter Chassikos was certified to instruct Jeet Kune Do concepts and the Filipino Martial Arts under Makoto Kabayama in 1992 and was certified as a full instructor under Paul Vunak of Progressive Fighting Systems in 1995.

Continuing his training in other arts, Peter received his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu (Shung Li Kumo Jiu-Jitsu / Canadian Grappling Arts) in 1996 and received his third degree black belt in Kickboxing at Oxford House (A.M.A) under renowned U.K. kickboxing trainer Patrick Roberts in 1998. 

Peter trains students of all disciplines and has had students of his enter MMA competitions in North America, Europe and in Japan.  He trains law enforcement, security, and military personnel, as well as those who just wish to achieve their best through martial arts training.  He represented Jeet Kune Do at the Toronto Mixed Martial Arts Expo for two years.  Peter is also a school teacher in the Toronto District School Board.